Naughty Romance Box
Naughty Romance Box
Naughty Romance Box
Naughty Romance Box

Naughty Romance Box

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Enclosed are a variety of fun and
sensual treats, packed lovingly in the name of romance, sexuality and love!

Our Naughty Romance Box contains the following:

  • Candle
  • Coffee
  • Edible body paint
  • Mask
  • Feathers
  • Free Lipstick Vibrator
  • Book of ideas on how to use all of the above.

Drink Up to Perk Up with Cupid’s Cravings Coffee Bounce Back Blend 

Cupid’s Cravings Coffee Bounce Back Blend

The caffeine in coffee enhances stamina and gives men and women a surge in energy. Studies have shown that having a cup beforehand is actually excellent for your levels of intimacy. This is because coffee is a stimulant, and fires off several receptors in the brain that cause happiness and increased cravings – and you want your partner to crave you!

Taste just like Candy with Cupid’s Cravings Naughty Nibbles

Rather than going straight for the bite, use your tongue to gently lick the chocolate and to discover and savor the taste. Invite your partner to join in the fun.  Another fun idea is to get your partner to lay back, while you create a design on their bare skin with the Naughty Nibbles.  Then you can have the fun of eating your way around the design, while your lips and tongue create wonderful sensations all up and down your partner’s body.

Make Them Your Work of Art-  Cupid’s Cravings Chocolate Pleasure Edible Body Paint

Cupid’s Cravings Chocolate Pleasure Edible Body Paint

You can have all kinds of sexy fun and games with your batch of Cupid’s Cravings Chocolate Pleasure Paint - especially if you have a naughty imagination!  Take your partner and get busy with your fingers (or use the fan paintbrush)!  Get creative with what objects you paint (and where you paint them!) Turn your bodies into playful palettes of sexual expression. Then, of course, you can have the fun of licking our creations, sending your partner into ecstasy!

Deep Relaxation Cupid’s Musings Orgasmic Orange Creamsicle Massage Oil

Cupid’s Musings Orgasmic Orange Creamsicle Massage Oil

Perfect for erotic massage, this massage oil is preservative and dye free, and has a unique glide as tantalizing as it’s scent. A beautiful way to practice being fully present in giving or receiving pleasure with your partner.

With your partner naked and laying face down, warm the oil or lotion in your hands then apply it to their upper body. Use long strokes on the back and take your time kneading the shoulders. Eventually make your way down to the glutes before you flip them over for more.  Don’t rush – take your time!  Then, when your partner is feeling fully relaxed, you can then begin to massage the more erogenous regions for pure (yet naughty!) pleasure.


Make them Burn with Desire with Cupid’s Musings Midnight Lust Romance Candle 

Cupid’s Musings Midnight Lust Romance Candle

Natural lights and scents can help transform and transport us as well as set the container for your play. Our Midnight Lust Romance Candles both sensual and spiritual, can be used to simply set a mood or as part of a creation of your personal tantric temple.  The glow and scent of a gently burning candle is enough to whisk your lover away to a mental paradise before they visit the physical one with you.  You can set the mood by simply lighting the candle while you both site and gaze into the flame, letting your imaginations run away with you about the fun you are about to have!

Role playing with the mask can be a very titillating way to begin your evening!  You can pretend that the person with the mask on is actually a super hero, with super hero ‘sexual’ powers!  Just think what would you want a super hero partner to be able to do to you?  Turn your imagination lose and step out of your comfort zone.  Amazing pleasure awaits you!

Role playing  mask

Tickle Their Senses: Don’t like the sound of spanking? Sensation play doesn't have to hurt! Try tickle-torturing your partner with this luxurious ostrich feather.  Or, you can have a ‘tickle fight’ where you can only touch each other with the feathers!  Another angle is to have one partner face down (or face up), close their eyes and have the other partner trace every area of their body with the feather.  

You will find amazing areas and sensations, perhaps one’s you have never felt before! Feathers are versatile and can be used to spice up foreplay or as an addition to your sensory or kink/bdsm play. Explore existing sensitive areas or find new ones while being present with each other.

 luxurious ostrich feather